CleanCopter – Investment in a clean future, the world debut from Aachen


In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, namely Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kallweit and his team, we have developed a device to clean windows and facades. It is based on a combination of components from the field of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) with technologies for highly efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning. The planned prototype features high mobility and a high automation potential.


The two core components of the CleanCopter are a customized multicopter frame and a specially developed cleaning gadget. The used cleaning medium will be deionized water, dry ice or a combination of both. Deionized water dries free of residues and dry ice sublimates on the cleaned surfaces. The advantages are that no humidity will stay and both cleaning materials will not need additional chemical cleanser. In addition to applying the cleaning medium to the surface, rotating brushes will be used to generate an abrasive effect.


A casing for the UAV will protect the sensitive electronics from any splash water and possible collisions. The integrated sensor devices will be used for position control of the CleanCopter and its direct environment perception. The received data can be used to detect collision objects, e.g. flagpoles, sculptures, projections, windowsills or balconies. The evaluation of the generated data will be used for automated quality control of the cleaning process.


The CleanCopter offers an autonomous cleaning mode for glass surfaces or facades. Approved algorithms from the field of mobile robotics are used to navigate in 3D alongside the surfaces of buildings. The worker fulfills the role of an operator. He defines the cleaning region and monitors the cleaning process itself. The lift off and landing procedures, including the exchange of batteries and water tanks, will be fully automated, which ensures a high time of operation for the CleanCopter.


The concept of the CleanCopter features high mobility and free scaling. Therefore, the application area of the CleanCopter is extremely versatile. It can be used to clean rather small buildings or high skyscrapers, indoor as well as outdoor. Due to its manoeuvrability, the CleanCopter can manage complex building architectures. The size of the CleanCopter itself is freely scaleable and can be optimized to fit a specific application.


Therefore, a wide variety of other applications apart the classic cleaning services are conceivable. The CleanCopter could also be used to inspect and clean large facilities and big objects, e.g. solar- or wind power plants as well as big ships. The variety of applications are limitless. Based on the concept of the CleanCopter, modified versions for inspection and measurement can be developed. Because of the multifunctional use cases, the development and production costs are minimized.


We are confident that the CleanCopter will find a worldwide positive reaction in the cleaning market, given the fact that only a reduced ground based staff can clean and inspect even big buildings by supervising and controlling a swarm of CleanCopters. No need to enter the building or to install cranes, scaffoldings or other devices necessary to allow people to clean. With the CleanCopter, the whole branch will be revolutionized, since manpower will be replaced by digitally piloted drones. The result will be a significant saving of time, money and infrastructural planning of the cleaning processes.

As a medium-sized company, the Lissowski GmbH provides many decades of experience in the field of cleaning services. This fact leads to a practice-oriented development and an objective audit of the concept. In addition, particular focus is payed to the functionality and the efficiency of the concepts.


For the final construction of the prototype, the development of a marketing strategy and, last but not least, for the business plan of the series production and distribution of the CleanCopter, we need financial support/venture capital. At this stage a support of 250.000,00 € would be sufficient to finalize the prototype and to create the marketing and business plan.


It would be a big pleasure for us if we had drawn your attention to our project, and we kindly invite you to contact us for further discussions of the opportunities to make you participate at our future success of the business with CleanCopter.